Qu-Queue for coffee shops

A double shot of socially distanced coffee, coming right up with virtual queuing from Qu-Queue. The app that helps you keep your customers safe, happy and caffeinated.

Why Qu-Queue?
Keep it flowing

With virtual queuing, you can keep your place running as smoothly as it ever has been.

Happy customers

Customers can see where they are in line and how long until they get their hands on a cup of the good stuff.

Cut costs

The Qu-Queue app can help you save on the time and costs of managing social distancing yourself.

Coming in

Set the maximum number of people who can be inside at once and create a virtual queue for your coffee shop. Customers can wait on the pavement or in their cars until it’s time to pick up the same great coffee in an all-new way.


Keep your facilities open and your customers happy. Set up a virtual queue for the toilets that customers can join, then wait at their table in comfort and safety, until it’s their turn to go in.

Ready to serve up socially distanced coffee?

Then get started with Qu-Queue. Free for a limited time.