Qu-Queue for offices

Make social distancing work at work with virtual queuing from Qu-Queue. The app that helps you get your people back together, get the team spirit flowing and keep everyone safe in the office.

Why Qu-Queue?
Keep business moving

Virtual queuing keeps the office an orderly, efficient and friendly place for work.

Schedule spaces

Make time-keeping easier for everyone and create simple schedules for shared spaces.

Efficiency matters

Qu-Queue saves your business time and money in managing social distancing at the office.


Coffees, teas, waters, lunch. Create a virtual queue for your kitchen area and your team can simply wait at their desks until Qu-Queue gives them the all clear to go on the drinks run.


With reduced capacity in toilets and bathroom areas, your team may have to wait to use these facilities. But with virtual queuing, they can do this from the comfort of their desks, rather than crowding in the corridor.

Meeting rooms

Qu-Queue makes managing the rush for meeting rooms easy. You can create a schedule with time slots that make sure groups don’t cross on the way in or out. And you can even block out time for cleaning the room after each meeting.

Ready to get back to business?

Then get started with Qu-Queue. Free for a limited time.