Qu-Queue for schools

Score an A+ for social distancing in your school with virtual queuing from Qu-Queue. The app that helps you keep pupils safe, share the facilities and get back to what’s most important – learning.

Why Qu-Queue?
Get in line, children

When everyone knows their place in line, you can keep school running smoothly and safely.

Space scheduling

Teachers know exactly when it’ll be their class’s turn to use school facilities and can plan their days around it.

Savings for schools

Virtual queueing can help your school save time and money over alternative manual approaches.


Take the canteen queue virtual. Now you can schedule each class’s lunchbreak and give teachers the heads-up a few minutes before their group’s turn. So they can get the class ready and bring them to canteen to tuck in safely.


When a pupil needs to go, the teacher can join a virtual queue. They’ll then get a notification and can send their student along, knowing that it’s safe and they won’t run into others in the hallway or toilets.

Shared spaces

Libraries, computer rooms, sports halls. Set up virtual queues for these spaces, so your pupils can continue to make the most of the school’s great facilities while sticking to social distancing recommendations.

School gates

Create a schedule for pupils and teachers to arrive at and leave the school each day. This’ll help make sure there’s no crowding at the gates in the morning or at home-time.

Bring Qu-Queue to your school

Free for all schools for a limited time. And free for state schools forever.